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Commercial Services

Indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, we at Benchmark Construction LLC offer any possible carpentry and woodworking services you may require. We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

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We Specialize in:


//  Apartment Renovations 
//  Assisted Living Construction 
//  Condo & Town Home Repair 
//  Mulit-Family Construction
//  Tenant Build Out and Renovations
//  Wood or Metal Framing
//  Electrical
//  Plumbing
//  HVAC
//  Cabinets, Millwork & Doors.

As your business grows, so does the amount of space needed to continue running it well. From creating a brand new space to remodeling a current one, let Benchmark Construction partner with you as your company continues to experience growth. We offer a wide variety of options from home office and corporate space remodels to updating the interiors of your apartment and assisted living complexes.


If you know it’s time to expand but aren’t sure where to start, Benchmark Construction can start with you as early as the concept stage. With our 35 years of construction expertise, we are able to help draw out the plans and see how it all needs to come together.


Needing to remodel a current workspace? We’ll help you accommodate your company’s growth so that everyone has the proper space they need to get their job done well (even if you work for yourself). From planning the necessary materials, designing the right space, and completing the construction we’re ready to handle any aspect of your building project.


If you’re looking at doing a commercial space tenant build-out, let Benchmark help anywhere from demolition to completion. We can help rebuild the interior spaces of your complex including running trim, cabinetry, and framework. We’ll also help with the drawing plans or just stick to what you provide us.


At Benchmark Construction, we strive to provide the best materials for all stages of the construction project. We help you keep your bottom line by using building materials like low VOC (volta organic compound) paint and adhesives which are greener and safer for your business. We also suggest products like LED lighting and energy efficient HVAC systems to keep your costs within budget.


Contact us today for a free estimate and learn about how we can both create or recreate your company’s workspace and help you keep and generate more money in your business.

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