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The Bugs Won't Bite

We remodeled this screened in porch. Added to the roof line, and included the back entry door into this room. Making it easier to access the porch area with out having to go out side. We installed a triple track window/screen system and entry doors on both sides. The triple track window system allows you to open them from the top down or bottom up, to create a breeze throughout your space.

Cedar trim wraps around each of the 4x4 posts, and cedar panels were also installed on the ceiling. Oh! And cedar has a nice aroma to it!

There are many options available to create the right atmosphere to your screened in porch. Now this client has an enclosed entertainment area, or place to read a good book or have that 1st cup of coffee, tea, cider, or hot chocolate!

No more bug bites!

The gentile breeze's of summer will be here sooner than you think!

Let's schedule a meeting with you before the bugs bite!

We can collaborate a design with you to make your deck or patio, become a place to enjoy for a life time!

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