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How long will it take to build (Insert Project Here)?

Factors to consider for your remodel or building project

Along with the budget, the timeline of a construction project can be a confusing or frustrating part of the process. Have you ever wondered why that is? Since many people wonder about this aspect, we thought it best it give a few factors we in the construction industry consider. The right company takes these into account when they discuss the project with you. In a way, these examples of factors are like our margin of error to help us propose a proper timeline.

Monsoons & Blustery Days

Although we hope any outdoor build such as a patio, deck, or even addition will only have partly cloudy days, we have to be realistic. We all know the meteorologists are never 100% right, so we take their input with a grain of salt when it comes to a project timeline. A slight sprinkle or small rain shower usually won’t delay a project, but if we receive multiple days of downpours, that’s when the issues can start. Soggy ground is not something a builder wants to be excavating or simply digging into. This causes us to delay the pouring of a foundation or foundations as well as the cement floor of an addition or garage.

Wind is also one that can affect your timeline. A slight breeze is nice, but when it turns to a blustery day, a build that involves roofing or building new walls comes to a halt quickly. For one, we don’t want to waste materials by them flying off a roof and causing debris to fly around your neighborhood. It’s also not safe whether on the ground or atop a home when it’s windy because it’s easy to lose your footing or have something be blown over before the chance to properly secure it.

Supply & Demand

For those of us who took economics, you may remember the idea of supply and demand. These factors not only affect a budget but can also affect your project timeline as well. Depending on the type of material needed, it could take longer to receive the supplies needed especially if it’s a specialty type such as deck railing designed to fit or flooring materials. As you're preparing to begin your project, it’s a great idea to ask your contractor about the market for these types of materials so that he can let you know how it could affect the finishing of your project. It’s always a good idea to give yourself enough lead time to order materials, even if they aren’t a specialty item. Although delivery delays have been rare for our team, they can happen.


We will bring in subcontractors when it comes to areas like plumbing or heating & cooling systems. This is because they have the expertise needed to stay within certain building codes and parameters required by your local city government. Depending on the season, their availability could also play a factor in the timeline of a construction project. For instance, when the weather changes from cold winters to warm springs, HVAC professionals may have busier schedules due to higher volumes of installs and repairs.

No two projects are exactly alike and every project will have its own timeline. When it comes to your remodeling or construction project, always give your builders and their subcontractors grace when it comes to the timeline. A good contractor does their best to give you the most accurate timeline possible, but being prepared for any size hiccup will remove a great deal of stress from both you and them. And our team at Benchmark will always make sure we’ll do our best provide you with the best service from estimate to completion!

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