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3 Great Ways to Get Organized in the New Year

Although the new year came awkwardly in the middle of the week, it came all the same. If you’re like most people, you probably have some new aspiration or goal for the new year. One of the more popular New Year’s Resolutions, according to Reader’s Digest, has become “Get Organized.” Like many who’ve nobly set out to achieve their New Year’s goal, have you lost momentum already? Maybe you haven’t had a chance to start or don’t know where to begin?

Many times goals like these also depend on your budget. Here are 3 budget-conscious ways we’ve found to help make your home tidier this year AND help you stick to your budget.


If you’re an HGTV watcher, you may know this term, but if not, a built-in is simply adding shelving or cabinets that are part of or in a wall instead of hanging. Many times people prefer a built-in because they are custom work. These are a great way to add extra storage space without making an area feel crowded and help keep a clean finish to a room. They can be added to most rooms in your home as long as there is good framing to tap into. Built-ins are great at adding ambiance around a fireplace or storage to an office space while keeping a clean line look. They’re also a more sturdy than adding a regular cabinet or bookshelf because it’s a permanent structure.


Although not a completely new concept, these are also growing in popularity. Every home needs a “drop-zone” but one that guests won’t see. Many mudrooms have a bench or “locker” which has hooks for coats, cubbies for shoes, and shelves for other items. Another great feature to many new homes is having a mudroom that is close to their laundry room or pantry. This makes keeping organized even easier because many times when you’re walking into a mudroom it’s either with arms full of groceries from the garage or muddy clothes from this morning’s sports game. Being able to quickly get these items to their proper place keeps a flow to your home and clutter from piling up by the same door guests will enter. A very practical renovation that adds order to your home.

Kitchen Remodel

If you’re ready to go full boar in your organizing this year, why not go for a full remodel? The kitchen is one of the most common drop zones and usually near an entry or exit. One thing homeowners don’t always think about is the amount of space they’ll really need in their kitchen. Take a step back and think about where the most clutter complies, what items you can get rid of, and what items you can’t live without. Then bring in a professional contractor to help you dream up and create a beautifully remodeled space you need with the organization you want. It’s a great investment into your most valuable investment, a great home improvement, and something you’re whole family will enjoy!

If you truly want to be more organized in the new year and many years to come, Benchmark Construction is ready to help! No matter the budget size or scale of the project, we’re a top choice when it comes to home remodeling in the Des Moines metro and the surrounding area. Get your free estimate started today and make this year great!


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