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A Family Friendly Gathering Place!

Do you have one of those builder grade smaller deck, or a multi level deck that just doesn't cut it?

Not enough space to entertain family or fiends? This is the answer that question!

We will propose a new design for your deck & roof. We will match the siding / paint color, as well as the roofing material. Electrical can add decorative lighting, and stair lighting, or how ever you choose, to set up your deck..

An outdoor rated ceiling fan is great addition for those days with out a breeze. LED flood lighting allows the kids to play just a bit longer, but adds safety and security for your home.

For adult entertainment. Add an outside rated TV, and surround system for all the professional and collage games with family & friends! Consider an outdoor fire pit or kitchen to your project!

Your deck will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Contact us today to schedule your site meeting and FREE proposal / estimate. #familyfriendly #gatheringplace #benchmarkconstructionllc

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