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Patio, Deck, or Three-Season: Which Best Fits My Home?

Warmer weather is finally here and most of us enjoy a chance to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. This is the year you’ve decided to add or change your outdoor living space but you aren’t sure what will be the best option. Patio? Deck? Three-Season? All are great choices, but with the help of a great contractor, like Benchmark Construction, you’ll know what will work best for your home and family’s needs.

What You Need or Want

Maybe all you know is that you want an outdoor living space but have no idea which one. Or you currently have something but want to change it or upgrade it. Having a definite plan of how you want to transform your outdoors is the first step in the process. The best use of your time with a contractor is to have a clear plan. This helps them give you the most accurate estimate and plans. It can also help narrow down which of the 3 options you should go with. So ask yourself and your family a few questions like:

Are you looking to host a large group frequently or just have a backyard oasis?

Are you a BBQ master or just want a small fire pit for s’mores?

Like to be outdoors without really being outdoors - fresh air not bugs?

Size of Your Yard

Some people like green space, some don’t want to mow. This is another great question to start with - how much grassy area are you wanting to keep? More importantly, how much green space are you required to have? What most people don’t know or realize is that their local guidelines may require a certain amount of green space per property. The same goes for installing fire pits and especially for adding to the house. After you’ve had a chance to narrow down what you’d like to have done, It’s important to check with your local municipality to see what is required including permits. This is something a good contractor can help you with - Benchmark is familiar with many of the Des Moines Metro (as well as surrounding areas) guidelines and proper contacts. Creating your perfect backyard oasis could be limited by certain guidelines, but usually still allows for making your outdoor living space enjoyable.

Size of Your Home

Who wouldn’t love to have a huge patio, deck, or 3-season room to fit a family reunion? If what you’re looking to build would take up more than half the size of your home, it might be time to scale it down. And, as mentioned above, you might be somewhat restricted by certain guidelines. Once you know what your requirements and restrictions are, you’ll want to think about the size that will best fit your needs. To give you an idea, an average size patio is 16’x18’ and fits approximately 8-12 people. The average size of a deck is 12’x12’ and can fit about 6-8 people. An average 3-season room is usually larger at 20’x12’ and can fit about 12-14 people. These are suggestions, for the most part, to help your guests or just family to be comfortable. Maybe a 20’x12’ would look massive on the backside of your home. Maybe a 12’x12’ would look like a small platform. This is where having an experienced contractor helps you understand and see your home’s proper ratio.

Luckily there’s no deadline for adding a great outdoor space to your home. Whether the middle of summer or just before the ground thaws, helping you create the perfect personal oasis is what counts. We want to help you enjoy it sooner than later so you can soak up as much sunshine and breathe in as much fresh air as you can. The next step you should take is getting your appointment set up with Benchmark today. Once you've approved of the estimate we’ll keep you on schedule to have your project done and enjoy a cookout or relaxing in no time.

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