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What A Mess!

What a mess is right! In most cases it's an easy fix.

But then again as with older homes, most of which have been remodeled at some point in their life time. As things began to deteriorate, and before you know it the ceiling has a stain color to it. When you figure it out, the issue sometimes becomes larger than you expected to be.

In the 1st photo you can see the water closet is removed. The plumber found that a piece of lead that was used (back in the day) to form the floor flange to the 2-1/2" copper drain line was leaking.

Soft lead was used originally when the home was built. Of course, this was way before the invention of PVC.

Under the tile floor we found there is a larger issue. The floor tile installation from the previous bathroom remodel had changed the height of the floor and created the space between the bottom of the water closet, and the lead floor flange, not allowing a proper fit between the two.

Now the tile flooring and subfloor material will be removed to make the plumbing repair.

In many cases the floor joists are just damp and stained and as long as the floor joist structure isn't compromised. The plumber can install the new PVC flange.

Once that's done, new sub-floor and tile floor can be installed, drywall repaired, base trim reinstalled.

Make Benchmark Construction LLC your first call when you suspect an issue. We can provide you with a detailed quote for the repairs to your home.


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