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Hiring a Contractor

Hiring any remodel contractor can be a daunting task, if you are not sure who to hire.

You would want to check with your local Better Business Bureau to view contractors available to you. You can also Google a contractor you may need, and from that list you can select a contractor that best fits your criteria.

Your contractor selection process is very important. If you are going with one contractor that only performs one thing, and that's all you need such as a electrician or plumber.

Should your project be more involved. Hiring a "General" contractor is usually the best. Having three general contractors estimates for your project is another great idea.

From there you can select which contractor you want to work with.

Just remember the cheapest contractor isn't always the best.

Other items you may want to consider are:

Does the contractor have liability insurance?

Asking for COI's or Certificates of Insurance is always a great idea too!

What about building permits?

Who is responsible to pull a permit?

As a general rule, a GC or general contractor would pull a permit.

Anyone working under that GC would pull their permits for the trade work they perform on that job.

So make sure you ask the GC if they pulled a permit. Ultimately you as the home owner are responsible!

Example: If you are listing your home to sell and do not disclose all information, and the prospective buyer finds out a permit was not issued. They could bring suit against you for not disclosing that a permit was not pulled.

Benchmark Construction LLC is an A+ accredited contractor with the BBB.

Licensed with the State of Iowa.

We will pull the general permit for your project, and require the sub-contractors to pull their own if necessary.

We will provide upon request our COI and any others working for you on your project.

We are here to help you make the process easy. Call or email us today!


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