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Time! What's time got to do with it you ask?

Timing is everything as it relates to planning a project. Make your plan and work your plan as I always say.

Sixty-four days or so from now, it will be the first day of summer. Everyone will want to be outdoors enjoying the sun and fresh air. What better way to make new memories than in your own happy place!

Whether you want something elaborate or simple. An addition, deck, gazebo, patio kitchen area. We have the experience and knowledge to create just what you are wanting, exactly the way you want it.

At Benchmark Construction LLC we take all the guesswork out of the process.

We make a plan with you, and work that plan to completion. Customer satisfaction is the biggest part in our success as a team member working with you.

We also have a group of dedicated sub-contractors that have been with us for many years. They too share our commitment to customer service and the Quality Value Experience you come to expect from Benchmark Construction LLC.

Call, Email or Text us today to make a plan and work that plan.

You won't be disappointed!


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